Monday, June 30, 2008

Looking forward to Penn

With the recent departure of the Columbia and Dartmouth groups, I am even more excited for my own trip this weekend. It's coming up fast, and I've already begun to get my luggage ready!
I would be more nervous, but thanks to a get together Mrs. Kronenburg arranged with Bertha last Monday, I now feel like I know some of what to expect.

Our meeting was designated at Pinole's Cheese Steak Shop. Bertha shared her experiences in depth with Mrs. Kronenburg, Mr. Vilar, Cynthia and I, and she also clarifyed the many questions we had. She told us what would make our trip better, while giving us many valuable suggestions and tips. We passed around photos and her journal as we ate. I greatly enjoyed both the food and the conversations! I look forward to eating the real cheese steak soon (which Bertha describes as "a party in your mouth," hahaha) and sharing my experiences when I return.

Courtney was unable to make it, but we'll have plenty of time to update her on the plane. I hope the other groups are having a lot of fun; I'm sure they're enjoying their first day of class. I can't wait until Saturday.


Saturday, June 14, 2008

In progress...

Hi everyone,
We're still trying to set this blog up, so there is nothing here yet! Please revisit us soon, we will have posts up as soon as possible.