Friday, February 20, 2009

My college visit - Part 2!

The main focus of today was my visit to Princeton U. We took the train at 30th street over to Trenton, where we changed trains to Princeton Junction, and then took a shuttle to Princeton U. It was FREEEEEEZING! not to mention extremely windy, but we made it in one piece! It was worth it-- Princeton's campus was absolutely gorgeous! Take a look yourself. I am going to try and upload all the videos right now but no guarantees since there seems to be a connection issue on Blogger. Don't worry, they'll be up soon regardless!

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Don Gosney said...


Great photos! They really help to illustrate how nice Princeton is--even if it is in a state known for more toxic waste sites than just about any other state.

It's funny reading some of your comments about the cold. Considering my own fascination with the Antarctic, you might think I'd appreciate the kind of cold you endured. I guess that without the glaciers, icebergs and penguins, New Jersey in the dead of winter is just cold and there's nothing fascinating and enjoyable about that.

Thanks for sharing.